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Over time, green slime can cause your lovely white UPVC conservatory to become grotty without proper maintenance. For over a decade, Polished Plastics have been offering best conservatory roof cleaning services in Newcastle.

Insured & Affordable Conservatory Roof Cleaners

Polished Plastics are conservatory cleaning specialists and have provided years of first class UPVC cleaning services throughout Newcastle.

Not only do we clean the UPVC exterior thoroughly, we can also clean the conservatory roof, removing any algae, moss or dirt that has built up. This will help restore your conservatory to its pristine white.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning

Your conservatory roof is almost certain to get a build up of algae, moss and dirt over the winter months. This will cause a layer of thick green slime to build which looks terrible, blocks natural light and over time can damage the structure of the conservatory if left unattended.

Corrosion can be caused through a build up of algae and moss, which in turn can cause extensive damage to the framework which leads to leaks and draughts. You want to avoid this as repairs are often costly and can be avoided through maintenance.

Another factor that will cause your conservatory to look tired, is if people smoke in it. This will cause stains on the UPVC which no one wants. Our state-of-the-art equipment and professional team can resolve this and have your conservatory looking new again in no time.

Conservatory roofs are best left to professionals like ourselves as many window cleaners don’t have the necessary tools or experience to carry out the required job.

Also, a conservatory is big investment, not only in money but also time. One which can add significant value to your home if you decide to sell. Therefore, its vitally important that you manage the conservatory properly, no matter what colour stain starts to appear, make sure you get trusted professionals in like Polished Plastics who will complete to the job to the highest standard.

Depending on where you live, its recommended that you clean your conservatory every six months. This will help prevent damage, leaks and decay, as well as keeping it pleasant for people to sit in and relax. If your in an area that suffers with bad weather more frequently, like Newcastle, it should be cleaned more often.

The Benefits of Professional Conservatory Roof Cleaning Include:

  • Reduce the chance of leaks.
  • A good-looking, well-maintained conservatory adds value to your property when selling.
  • The better your conservatory looks the more likely you are to use it.
  • Commercial clients (residential homes, hotels etc.) will want to create a good impression
  • Taking on the job yourself or having the local window cleaner do the job, can lead to damages and even injury. We are fully insured.
  • Cost effective, regular cleaning reduces the chance of costly repairs.

Conservatory Roof Cleaners You Can Trust

Each job is unique, and we work with clients to provide the best possible cleaning solution for their problems. We have worked with domestic and commercial clients across the city over the last ten years and our workmanship and superb customer service is second to none.

We offer excellent services at affordable prices. Our dedicated team are fully insured, trained and carry out each and every job to an extremely high standard. Over the years we have invested in the correct equipment for different jobs, as well as our staff so they are all fully trained on all aspects of the cleaning process. With thousands of happy customers, this commitment to our business has seen us grow and is no wonder Polished Plastics are the #1 choice for cleaning conservatory roofs in Newcastle.


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