Double Glazing Repair Services in Newcastle

Has your double glazed window suddenly cracked? Water in the glazing causing misted and cloudy units? Rest assured we offer quality window repair and replacement services at a fair cost.

Polished Plastics are the leading choice when it comes to UPVC window repairs in the North East. Many people presume that if you have failed double glazing the whole lot needs to be replaced, costing thousands of pounds. However, this is not usually the case.

Whatever the problem we can repair or replace the broken or misted unit without touching the frames, which will keep costs and prices down. We have a huge range of glass to choose from including;

  • Patterned glass,
  • -Efficient glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Argon filled glass
  • Self-cleaning glass

Our trained professionals can fit replacement sealed units, on both doors and windows along with accessories such as locks, and hinges so don’t despair if you notice a problem with your windows, it may not be as expensive as you think,

Replace the pane not the frame


Why You May Need Replacement Sealed Double Glazed Units?

Over the years double glazed window units can suffer a variety of problems including;

  • Leaks
  • Condensation inside double glazed window
  • Misted double glazing
  • Chips, scratches, and cracks
  • Draughts

Most of these are down to damaged or old seals and require nothing more than a company like us who are experts at resealing windows and glazing repairs. Even if the glass itself is damaged it’s possible to install replacement double glazing units for a fraction of the cost of new windows.

How double-glazing works

In order to understand the problems, we first need to understand how a double-glazed window is constructed. Two panes of glass are placed either side of a layer of gas, which creates a barrier that helps to keep heat in, thereby keeping your home at a consistent temperature and preventing heat loss.

These units are then sealed meaning the pressure within the unit is constant, this means the glass is always under slight pressure from the changing pressure of the outside air. Normally, the glass is strong enough to withstand the pressure. However, in some cases, it isn’t– and will implode.

Most breakages occur during the winter months when the temperature outside is cold and we compensate by turning the heating up which creates more noticeable differences in the temperature on either side of the glass.

Problems with double glazed windows that can cause cracks?

  • Size Large square windows have the lowest risk of suffering breakages and this is because they have greater flexibility, therefore, a small or narrow window will be more likely to be affected by a drastic change in temperature and crack.
  • Manufacturing error
  • Quality sealed double glazing units require precise engineering and there are many factors during manufacturing which can produce windows that are likely to fail or will not last long:
  • Scratches
  • Making windows involves, cutting glass. However, it is important that these cuts are precise as even a tiny scratch on a pane of glass may create a weak point which can break the unit when exposed to the elements. This risk is increased when the cuts become more complex, for example in bevelled glass panels.
  • Thermal shock
  • One of the biggest threats to your double-glazed windows comes from within, thermal shock can occur usually from having a radiator or heater next to your window. If you have an under-window radiator use curtains or blinds to protect the windows from high temperatures which can result in breakages
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • We’ve discussed how breakages and cracks occur due to the outside temperature of the glass but the temperature of the gas inside the unit can cause problems too. A double-glazed window made on a hot, humid summer’s day, with low atmospheric pressure will be at greater risk of breaking during the colder months.
  • Moisture
  • Double glazing manufacturers use a desiccant inside the unit to absorb moisture. However, some manufacturers look to cut costs by using cheaper desiccants, these will not only absorb water but nitrogen too which exacerbates changes in pressure and makes them more likely to crack
  • Strength of the glass
  • These problems can be prevented if the glass is strong enough. A thicker sheet of glass can resist pressure much better than a thin one, so if you experience blown double glazing you may wish to choose 6mm glass when choosing double glazing replacement panels to prevent the problem re-occurring.


This is a common double-glazing problem let’s first take a look at what condensation is;

When a vapour or gas changes into a liquid it is called condensation. If a surface such as a glass double glazing unit reaches “dew point” (the temperature at which air needs to be cooled to become saturated) any vapour present will condense and produce water droplets resulting in misted double glazed units.

Reasons you may have condensation inside double glazing include;

  • Inclement weather, something we are used to in the northeast, condensation can often be caused by a sudden drop in temperature or increase in humidity
  • Condensation in sealed window units can also occur if the surrounding plasterwork or brickwork is damp or drying out after the completion of construction work. Misted double glazing repairs are a cost-effective solution to replacing the windows.
  • On poor-quality double-glazed units, the seal may deteriorate over time allowing water and moisture to seep into the frame and unit, resulting in cloudy double glazed windows.
  • The external seal may deteriorate enough to allow a lot of water into the frame and if a sealed unit sits in this pool of water for a prolonged period it will eventually seep into the air gap
  • The units themselves are old and are no longer fit for purpose
  • Condensation may be a temporary problem, alternatively, it could require a simple window seal repair or replacement double glazed units. The good news is; double glazing window repairs cost a lot less than new windows
  • If the seal has failed or the desiccant inside become saturated with water, you will be wasting a lot of energy trying to keep your home warm and that in itself, justifies replacement double glazed units’ prices.

Polished Plastics offer UPVC window repairs at competitive prices

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Double Glazed Window Repair Cost?

If you compare the cost of resealing double glazed windows and replacement double-glazed glass to installing new windows we think you will be pleasantly surprised with the average cost of fixing double glazed windows, which is usually less than half the price. Of course, this depends on each individual project and our team of experts will be happy to discuss the best and most cost-effective UPVC window repairs.

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Benefits of Repairing Windows Newcastle

  • Replacing failed or blown double glazing improves the aesthetics of a property and can add up to 10% onto the resale value of your home
  • Save money on heating costs, you can lose up to 20% of heat through your windows make sure it’s not more by replacing your failed double glazing NOW!
  • If sealed double glazing units are damaged they are not fit for purpose double glazed window repair ensures they are secure and a deterrent to burglars while also cutting down on noise pollution.


Why waste thousands on new windows when it's just the glass or seals that need replacing. We provide a range of services for customers wanting double glazed window repairs, not only are we glass suppliers we also provide UPVC door seal replacement as well as fixing locks and hinges and cleaning all UPVC including conservatories to keep your property looking good for longer.

Established for over a decade Polished Plastics carry out work across the north east of England, for both domestic and commercial clients, who have returned to us time and time again. We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading UPVC restoration and cleaning companies, focusing on customer satisfaction, professionalism, competitive prices, and cleanliness. We get the job done, fast!

Our friendly team of fully trained experts are always willing to offer advice and discuss your requirements. We offer a very quick and clean installation and all new replacement sealed double glazing units are fully guaranteed.

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