Keeping your gutters clear of blockages from accumulated debris such as leaves, moss, and dirt is an important part of protecting your property against damp penetration and gutter blockage. Without proper regular maintenance, damp and decay caused by blocked and damaged guttering can lead to expensive repair bills.

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Why gutter cleaning is important

Gutters are an important part of the structural integrity of your home, by directing water away from your roof, walls, and foundations, unfortunately, they are also something which is often overlooked which can result in expensive consequences.

Blocked gutters become heavy and can sag therefore water flow is affected and the gutter itself can break. A gutter clogged with sticks, leaves and other can result in interior damp and water damage to both the exterior and interior of your home. Something else to remember is; gutters full of debris offer the perfect environment for insects, pests, and rodents.

The biggest problems caused by blocked gutters include:

  • Damp - Leaking gutter joints can be a big problem and are one of the most common causes of isolated cases of dampness in both domestic and commercial properties
  • Rot - When the water can't run cleanly through gutters, they can overflow which results in water dripping down the exterior walls eventually it will seep into cracks affecting joists and timber causing rot and resulting in expensive repair bills.
  • Foundation issues - gutters direct rainwater away from the property's foundations, However, when the gutters are blocked, the water runs straight down the side of the house and over a period of time will damage the foundations. This can cause rot and even structural damage to your home if left too long.
  • Pests - Flies and other nasty bugs love standing water so, it is important to keep your gutters free from debris and did you know gutters and downpipes are one of the most common ways rats and mice can enter your property? Another reason to have gutters checked regularly.

That is why it is recommended that your gutters should be inspected annually. The best time to do this is just before winter when the autumn leaves have fallen and before the harshness of a North-East winter begins, that way you will have a reduced chance of blockages and can schedule any repairs before the wet and windy weather does further damage. It is also a good idea to get your guttering checked in spring just in case the rain, wind, and snow have damaged anything.

When was the last time your guttering was checked?

Cleaning and repairing gutters is a job best left to the experts as it can be dangerous. Polished Plastics are fully insured and have been providing a first-class gutter cleaning service across the region for over a decade. We use specialist equipment and our friendly reliable team is experienced in removing debris, cleaning and repairing damage to your gutters. Box guttering and hard to reach areas such as above conservatories are no problem, so sit back and relax while we maintain the exterior of your home or business. This small investment can prevent thousands of pounds in repair bills, so give our friendly sales team a call today and join our loyal happy customers.

We can also repair damaged guttering or install new gutters if required

Prices start from only £50!

We are proud of the reputation we have built in the local area over the last ten years. Affordable prices and amazing results will always be the backbone of our small yet completely reliable gutter cleaning company.

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