Regular Guttering Cleaning Can Stop Future Repairs...

Professional South Shields Gutter Cleaning Services

All downpipes and spouts collect leaves and debris over time. The slow build up of clutter in your guttering doesn’t seem like a big issue at first but can soon cause much bigger problems when ignored. It happens over a period of weeks and months and can put a big strain on your rain water system and its ability to work efficiently. Having your guttering and downpipes cleaned regularly makes sense, it keeps yours homes rain water system working the way it should and avoids expensive replacement issues further down the line. As local gutter cleaners for the last decade you would not believe the things we have seen collected – Affordable Gutter Cleaning in South Shields.

Whether your guttering is up high, or you need to climb over the conservatory roof, there is no point hiring an amateur to do a professional’s job. You should always leave the tedious jobs like the washing and scrubbing process to us, because we ensure that it is done to the highest possible standard. Our Polished Plastics team are highly skilled, professional and experienced with countless homes happy across South Shields and the North East. We leave you with spotless and sparkling guttering that only be completed once we have removes all the debris. If you would like a free quotation without obligation the please call 0191 489 9999 today.

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Gutter Cleaning Services - Leaves Removed & Leaks Avoided

A gutter leak can be a real problem to any home and can even lead to further extensive damage. We ensure that every customer receives a top-class service with any gutter clearing they may need. The need for protection on your property is essential which is why we strive to see people the very same day, for price lists call us on 0191 489 9999.

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Damage to your home can cost a fortune if you don’t spot early signs and have a trusted company to deal with severity of the problem.  Our clearing service is trusted by many homes and commercial businesses across the North East. We pride ourselves on being a local South Shields company who can provide commercial or house gutter cleaning. Our fast response time will leave your down pipes looking immaculate. Make sure to call 0191 489 9999 to speak to our expert cleaners today or receive a free no obligation quote.

Our Price Lists Cover:

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    Clearance & Clearing
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    Regular or One Off Maintenance
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    Roof & Guttering Repairs
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    Leaks and Clips Fixing
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    Leak Repairs
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    Renewal or Replacement

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    Local Gutter Clearing
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    Commercial Clearing
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    Professional Clearing Equipment
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    Telescopic Clearing
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    Unbeatable Clearing Rates

Doing What Other Cleaners Near You Won’t – Professional Cleaning Company in South Shields

Costly damages can be causes by a simple roof or gutter leak. We offer a fast response time at an affordable price so that you can have your gutters cleaned first time to an exceptional standard. There’s a reason we are the most trusted cleaning company in the North East.

If you need your sprouts looking at for any wear and tear or slight damages, be sure to call Polished Plastics, as we are the best local cleaning company in South Shields and will work tirelessly to make sure your rain gutters and clearance are up to the required standard.

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Q: How do you clean safely?

A: We use a two person crew on each job, one person to hold and secure the ladders and the other to carry out the work.

Q: Do you clean out underground drains?

A: We can clean all surface drains, gullies, ACO drains, gully traps. We are fully equipped to unblock drains and clear blockages when needed.

Q: Do you clean leaves out?

A: Yes and sometimes much more too!! Grass, tennis balls, moss, cement, mud, small plants and kids toys all turn up on a weekly basis.

Q: How does your company clean?

A: In general we clean by hand from ladders or with rods, all the debris is then placed in buckets and removed. We operate SKY VAC gutter vacuums to reach places we cant with ladders.

Q: Do you clean gutters with guards?

A: Yes but this service involves removing the gutter guards. We clean out and flush the gutter then re-fit the gutter guards. Unfortunately this does cost more than a standard gutter clearance.

Q: What happens if you don t clean?

A: If you don’t keep them clear and they become blocked or faulty. They can cause serious water damage to your property, encouraging mould growth and damp ingress, the end result could potentially be very costly to repair.

Q: How much do you charge to clean?

A: Although every property or building is different , as a general guide our prices start at £39.00 plus VAT.

Q: How often should you get your gutters cleaned?

A: We recommend to clean out your gutters at least every two years. In most cases our customers clean out the gutters on a yearly basis.

Q: Do you clean the outside?

A: We clean and revive all types of guttering making them look brand new. All gutters after time gather dirt, algae and moss and this can be washed and cleaned away.

Q: How do you clean clean high areas?

A: Our ladders reach to three-storey height and we can use our Sky Vac if needed to go higher than this. Small cameras allow us to inspect the gutters at higher heights.

Q: How do you clean above conservatory?

A: We use ladders to go to each side of the conservatory then use rods to pull and push the debris to enable it to be reached by hand or we use Sky Vac vacuum machines if needed.

Q: Why cleaning is important?

A: They are designed to channel rain water off your roof and down to your drainage system and if not clear of debris, this can stop the water getting to the drains properly. This leads to water overflowing the drains which can then lead to the walls getting wet and damp.

A History in South Shields 

We have been a leading South Shields gutter cleaning company for over 10 years. We offer affordable cleaning price lists and have highly skilled professionals who are committed to providing an outstanding service for each and every one of our customers. To visit our home page click here.


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