How to Maintain Your Roof

    The quote “roof over your shoulders” is indicative of just how important the roof is for any home. It is the first line of defense against the elements, protecting you from the harshest of weathers. By doing that, it allows itself to depreciate over time. This is inevitable and happens to any part of the house that’s subjected to external conditions that could slowly erode it like rain, snow and even heat. Despite wear being a natural course, there are still ways to slow down the process and save yourself a lot of money from constantly replacing it. To do that, here are some tips you can follow so your roof is well taken care of.

    Conduct preemptive checks regularly.

    A great way to make sure that your roof is still in tip top shape is by checking it regularly, at least once every few months, especially if it was just subjected to a harsh weather like a hailstorm or persistent rain. This gives you an idea of the general condition of your roof, and allows you the chance to get it fixed before another harsh weather adds to its already unhealthy state.

    It is also important to watch out for marks that appear on your ceiling that could be signs of a possible leak. The stains could mean anything from missing nails to loose shingles. Whatever hardware is missing, handle them as soon as you can. This lessens the propensity of the issues on your roof to escalate to a point where it needs more than just repairs. If these issues appear all over your roof, then it may be a sign that it needs to be fully replaced. At this point, it would be best to consult a professional.

    Remove unwanted foreign objects that damage the roof.

    Take some precautionary measures before removing foreign bodies from the roof. It’s smarter working during sunny days. You will be able to see a lot better, considering you may need to check smaller objects. It is also less slippery on the roof during this weather which means it’s far safer for you. Also, make sure that you are wearing gloves so your hands are protected from any sharp edges.

    To remove moss from the surface of your roof, procure a moss remover or cleaner from any hardware store. It typically comes in the form of spray bottles to make the application easier. Once you’ve applied it to areas affected by moss or mold, let it rest for however the instruction requires. After that time lapses, scrub the area with until the moss is fully removed.

    Clean the connecting pipes.

    Apart from the actual roof, there are other parts of the house that connect to it like the chimney, gutters and spouts. They all need to be regularly cleaned because they too sustain damage from the elements and through constant use. Remove dirt and grime with a broom or bush, and check if there are foreign bodies lodged in them. To lessen future blockages, install screens to keep foreign bodies from falling into the pipe.

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